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Ever Better Life Podcast: Beyond Belief

In this episode of the Ever Better Life Podcast, we discuss the topic of Beliefs: good Beliefs, bad Beliefs, and what to do about them. Beliefs are one of those subjects that has been beaten to death in the personal growth world. It seems like people can talk enough about beliefs...

Ever Better Life Podcast: Better Body Thoughts

In this episode of the Ever Better Life Podcast, Melissa and I talk about one of our all-time favorite activities: stretching!

Ever Better Life Podcast: Getting Things Done

In this episode of the Ever Better Life Podcast, Steve and Melissa talk about one of Steve’s all-time favorite things: David Allen’s personal productivity methodology “Getting Things Done.”

Is Fear Of Rejection Ruining What It Is Like To Be You?

To the degree that you become Aware of Making Meanings that don’t serve you and that create experiences that you don’t want, those Patterns of Meaning Making will begin to naturally fall away like leaves in the autumn, and so will the negative experiences that they used to create...

How to Stop Worrying

You know worrying doesn’t help you. You know worrying isn’t good for you. You may even know that worrying is actually the very thing that is keeping you from what you want and attracting to you what you don’t.  You are sold on the importance of not worrying. Great.  Now, how...

Law of Attraction and Facebook Reactions

How I Reacted publicly was not necessarily an accurate reflection of how I actually reacted to seeing what I did, and most of the time what I put “on the record” had more to do with what I wanted to people to know I was looking at and how I wanted them to think I felt about it.

The Many Benefits of Meditation

This episode is all about Vitamin M:  Meditation! Meditation is such an essential aspect of both of our live’s, and it continues to play a key role in both the development and implementation of Ever Better Thought Technology. On this episode, you’ll hear our personal...

Break the Habit of Comparison

Do you spend a lot of time comparing yourself to what you think other people have, what they do, or what you think their life is like?

Get Right With Money

Usually when people say that aren’t interested in having more money, what they really mean is that they aren’t interested in doing the things they think they’d need to do in order to have more of it.