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Daily steps towards becoming a better you.

Learning to Love Contrast

As you realize that Contrast is just on the opposite side of the coin as Desire, it becomes easier and easier to flip the coin over and Allow anything and everything you Desire to come into your life.

Money Money Money

This probably isn't your mom's advice on money. It certainly isn't Dave Ramsey's. Actually, it's not really financial advice at all. It's a new (and I believe much needed) Pattern-Level discussion of the elemental characteristics of MONEY. There's so much practical how-to...

Master Skill to Master Life

If there were one skill that you can develop that will allow you to totally transform literally every aspect of your life that matters to you, what do you think that skill would be? Just as importantly, what would you be willing to do to cultivate and, better yet, master...

Mental Clutter

The content of your Focus is always either some combination of Irrelevant, Unchangeable, and Negative (i.e. Mental Clutter) or Relevant, Changeable, and Positive.

4 Things You Should Become Uncomfortable With

We are creatures of comfort. That's an inherent trait of human (as well as non-human) animals. Rather than fighting with or denying this basic, natural, genetically programmed characteristic of ourselves, we can learn to use our capacity for awareness and conscious choice to...

How You See What You See

Many of the problems that lead to pessimistic assessments of ourselves, the situations in which we find ourselves, and our ability to identify and create what we want in our lives are essentially information processing errors. If you tend to perceive what is in ways that cause...

Elevate Your Rock Bottom

Learn what it means to be inspired (I mean have an actual, practical, operational definition of inspiration) and how to get that way.

Beliefs Are Tools

One of the most powerful processes I use in my own life and in my work with people is continually becoming Aware of, accepting Personal Responsibility for, and learning to exercise Conscious Choice regarding Beliefs about ourselves, the world, and other people and the role these...

“Stop Focusing on Dumb Sh!t”

Recently a dear friend with an incredibly short attention span (even by today’s standards) asked me what I would say to a person if I had only a single sentence to convey to them everything they needed to know to create more of what they wanted in life and less of what th...