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This is the premier mind and life mastery course in the world today. 

The content of this 10 month, 10 Module learning experience represents the final product of Dr. Ravnstag’s own personal journey of self-discovery and life experience mastery. 

This comprehensive mental operating system upgrade is a purified and distilled presentation of the most powerful patterns for personal power and positive change in the world today.

True Self-Mastery requires complete Self-Understanding, and to develop this understanding Dr. Ravnstag’s course opens your mind to the life changing power of ARC: Awareness -> Responsibility -> Conscious Choice.

Discovering the creative power of each of these components of Self-Understanding and learning how to harness and direct this power at each step of the Life Loop™ is the key to creating anything and everything you want in life.

Students are guided through a 10 month journey of whole-life transformation which gradually frees them from the pernicious effects of Unconscious Ignorance and opens the way to the hitherto unimagined pinnacles of Personal Power and Unfettered Freedom that are your birthright. 

In the spirit of true Perpetual Improvement, this course is a living, growing, and evolving entity.  Dr. Ravnstag is constantly editing, supplementing, and upgrading course content based on insights, developments, and breakthroughs in his own life and in the lives of his personal coaching clients. 

This is quite simply the best, most systematic and practically accessible personal development, practical psychology, and mental mastery course in the world and, like those who enroll in it, it gets better every day

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