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My name is Dr. Steven Ravnstag, and my partner Dr. Melissa Sell and I are the founders of Ever Better and the creators of Ever Better Thought Technology 

Together we discover, develop, and distill Thought Technologies. 

Thought Technologies are specific systems for your Thinking and Feeling and Perceiving and for organizing your life experience that allow you to develop Self-Awareness.

Self-Awareness allows you to achieve and maintain vibrational alignment, consciously create the life you want, and perpetually, deliberately improve “What It Is Like To Be You.”

After meeting in chiropractic school, Melissa and I both shared a series of profound personal and professional experiences which led us to a series of unanticipated and adventurous changes in every area of our lives.

The short story is that our focus shifted from spines to minds.

The most important thing we brought from our time as traditional healers was a holistic perspective and a deep regard for your Innate Intelligence as a Conscious Being. 

Now we apply an ever-expanding collection of powerful, Pattern Level Principles that connect you to your Inner Resources and position you perfectly to attract into your life experience All That You Consider To Be Good 

Melissa’s speciality is in applying these and other principles, along with our systematic approach to leveraging the power of The Law of Attraction, to overcoming health challenges and enjoying vibrant Well Being.

Most of my time with clients and students goes to designing and teaching technologies for spiritual enrichment, mind mastery and the conscious, intentional alchemy of experience and in perfecting the process of translating these new experiences into your physical reality. 

We share this information with others through live interactive workshops, online courses and personalized mentoring programs.

Currently the most comprehensive presentation of Ever Better Thought Technology can be found in our Epic 10 Module Ever Better Life Course. 

Our goal is to attract and be attracted to those who wish to grow and expand and flourish with the help of our teachings.

There is nothing more important than Improving What It Is Like To Be You, and helping you enjoy perpetual improvement in the quality of your experience is our favorite thing to do!


Steve & Melissa

Ever Better